About Us

CityMix, Inc. has developed an innovative and economical manufacturing technology that enables the recycling and conversion of high volumes of waste packaging and insulating foam (commonly “EPS”) into an extraordinarily lightweight, user-friendly, material suitable for blending in a wide variety of concrete products. The patent-pending technology allows varying portions of the heavy sands and gravels in concrete mixes to be replaced with ultra-lightweight CityMix material to reduce overall product weight.

Concrete Product Description

CityMix looks like course, light gray sand, with each individual particle consisting of an inner EPS core encapsulated in a static-free and performance-enhancing outer shell. CityMix is composed of approximately 99% pure recycled waste (by volume), thereby creating – to the best of CityMix’s knowledge – the “greenest” and most user-friendly ultra-lightweight concrete product additive ever made commercially available.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy-to-handle
    • Non-static
    • Mixes, pumps and spreads easily
  • Cuts shipping, handling and installation costs
  • Enhances concrete performance
    • Particles bond to cement (no “popcorning” of EPS beads)
    • Uniform particle dispersion
    • Improves flexibility and resilience
    • Improves freeze-thaw durability
    • Non-reactive with embedded metals
    • Reduces cracking
  • Engineering benefits
    • Lighter concrete reduce structural and seismic loads
    • No special additives or on-site mixing equipment required
  • Suitable for structural and non-structural applications
  • Sustainable
    • Composed of 99% pure recycled waste (by volume)
    • Replaces need for virgin EPS material

Technical Support

Although any given product weight can easily be reduced to an exact desired degree by replacing a set volume of heavy aggregate with CityMix, even slight recipe changes can affect other critical performance properties. CityMix technical experts are readily available to help manufacturers reduce weight and achieve critical standards for mixing, pouring, de-molding, set and cure time, compressive strength, fire rating, cosmetic need and other factors.

CityMix Services

  • Mix design development
  • Batching, blending and manufacturing support
  • Installer mixing, handling and application guidelines
  • Specific technical data for various trade, union, industry association manufacturer and/or other professional needs.
  • Product promotional information and support
  • LEED and other sustainability information

Please contact a CityMix sales or technical representative for further information.


CityMix offers a rare and viable opportunity to convert the largest volume consumer waste product in the North American landfill into a lightweight, user-friendly and performance-enhancing additive for concrete, the world’s most common building material.

Since concrete products are typcially made from rurally mined natural materials requiring energy-demanding removal, processing, handling and transporting equipment and procedures, the potential net carbon reduction enabled by wide-scale utilization CityMix is significant. Recycling EPS waste into concrete products offers the construction industry, activists, businesses and communities an environmentally beneficial opportunity.