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Ultra-lightweight concrete additive

CityMix, Inc. has developed a unique and economical technology that enables the recycling of large volumes of waste packaging and insulating foam (commonly “EPS”) into an extraordinarily lightweight and user-friendly material suitable for blending in a wide variety of concrete products. The patent-pending technology allows varying portions of the heavy sands and gravels common to cement-based mixtures to be replaced with ultra-lightweight CityMix material in order to reduce overall concrete product weight.

Specialty coated, static-free, ultra-lightweight CityMix particles help enhance certain desirable concrete performance characteristics such as flexibility, resilience, freeze-thaw durability and crack resistance. The material is composed of approximately 99% pure recycled waste (by volume), thereby creating, to the best of CityMix’s knowledge, the “greenest” and most lightweight concrete additive ever made commercially available.







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CityMix converts the largest single volume landfill waste material into a lightweight and
performance-enhancing additive for concrete, the world’s most common building material.