concrete products
CityMix is an extraordinarily lightweight, durable and user-friendly material suitable for blending in a wide variety of concrete, stucco and masonry products. The technology allows varying portions of the heavy sands and gravels common to cement-based mixtures to be replaced with ultra-lightweight CityMix material in order to reduce overall product weight. And since CityMix weighs approximately 3 lbs per cubic foot, even a modest ingredient volume substitution for typically 90-100 lbs per cubic foot conventional fine aggregates can produce a significant weight reduction.

CityMix also helps enhance certain desirable cement-based product performance characteristics such as flexibility, resilience, freeze-thaw durability, water repellency and crack resistance. The material is composed of approximately 99% pure recycled waste (by volume), thereby creating – to the best of CityMix’s knowledge – the “greenest” and most lightweight additive ever made commercially available for use in concrete products.

The percentage of CityMix ultra-lightweight synthetic aggregate that may be substituted in any given concrete mixture is fully customizable, so CityMix can serve as a suitable weight-reducing material for a wide variety of both structural and non-structural applications. For example, a structural concrete building panel might only be able to be reduced 5% in weight and still retain its minimum code or engineering requirements, but common non-structural objects like landscape blocks, parking curbs or statuary, for example, might be reduced in weight by as much as 70% and still be fully acceptable for their intended purposes. But regardless of the degree to which any particular product might most effectively incorporate CityMix, the market demand for high-performing, economical, and “green” lightweight concrete products that can dramatically reduce shipping, handling, installation and overall building construction costs is virtually limitless.

CityMix Product Examples

Stucco Base Coat

CityMix has developed an ultralight stucco base coat featuring 35% weight reduction; extraordinarily easy mixing, pumping and application advantages and improved resilience, flexibility and crack resistance. Applicators benefit from such valuable cost-saving contributions as improved wall coverage rates per man hour, reduced worker fatigue and less “fall-off” waste. Pre-blended base coats incorporating ultra-lightweight CityMix will be made commercially available by several major US stucco manufacturers as early as spring, 2014.

concrete products

concrete products

Veneer Stone

CityMix has worked with numerous veneer stone manufacturers to develop various specialty, low-cost formulations enabling 20% weight reduction in “normal weight” products, as well as “ultra-light” mixes featuring up to 75% weight reduction. These formulations have demonstrated the capability to meet the rigorous demands of production manufacturing, including acceptability standards for mixing and pouring, set times, de-molding, compressive strength, fire rating and cosmetic needs.

Cement Board

The incorporation of EPS beads has proven to be an effective commercial method to reduce overall cement board weight by as much as 20%, but use of specialty coated CityMix particles can provide the following significant benefits over conventional EPS beads:

  • Easier handling No static, improved bulk density
  • Improved compressive and flexural strengths
  • Uniform aggregate dispersion
  • Superior particle bond strength No bead “popcorning”
  • Improved fire resistance
  • Sustainable building material
concrete products

 concrete products

Non-Structural and Decorative PreCast

CityMix is used in a wide variety of non-structural precast products, including architectural shapes, statuary, fireplace surrounds and landscape blocks. CityMix technical experts have helped many manufacturers to optimize weight reduction ratios for their mix designs, while still maintaining critical compressive strengths, cure rates and other vital performance requirements.

Structural Precast

CityMix has successfully completed all ICC performance tests and is now report-pending for use in full structural concrete. CityMix has already been commercialized in such items as 6,000 psi highway sound panels (at 15% weight reduction), a variety of engineered wall cladding elements, concrete fence posts and other structural products seeking to reduce shipping, handling and attachment weight.

 concrete products

Other Sample Uses and Applications

concrete products
  • Pumpable soil and pipe stabilizing slurries
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Structural and non-structural block
  • Pavers
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Ultra- lightweight sacked goods, including
    • GFRC mixes
    • Ready-mix concrete
  • Lightweight and self-leveling flooring

CityMix technical staff is available to provide product development support for qualified manufacturers.